Watch those leaves zoom by

Fall colors are here and so are the inexplicably impatient drivers. The locals are willing, even eager, to pass in No Passing Zones all year round, but the behavior of the foliage lookie-loos is hard to understand. To paraphrase Joe Soucheray, why travel to see multi-colored leaves when the whole fall color thing will happen where you live soon enough. Whatever the reason, many people come to the area to look at the fall flora, but apparently they are in a hurry to do it. Even if one is driving on the twisty, turny, up and down road through Jay Cooke State Park on a quiet Sunday morning at the posted speed limit, expect to be tailgated and passed in No Passing Zones. It seems that if someone is driving through Jay Cooke State Park, by definition, that person is not in a hurry to get somewhere. There are much faster options with not quite as many deer hoping to hit a car. The obvious explanation for some of the behavior may be that the person driving is selected for the driving task because of a lack of interest in the scenery, but it still seems odd that a leisurely activity is undertaken at illegal and dangerous speeds. Apparently, part of the allure is endangering the lives and well-being of your passengers and anyone else who may be on the road at the time.