Sample rock (Scanlon park and ride)

A rock near the Scanlon park and ride has smaller versions of the rock art on display farther south along the trail. This rock near the northern end of phase 1 of the St. Louis River trail is about 17 feet down the trail from the bollard and about 8 feet south from the center of the trail. The purpose of the rock is to let trail users know what to expect. Some people have reportedly made their way along the trail and did not notice the rock art.

On the sample rock, the organization (counter-clockwise/east to west) of the smaller designs is based on the distribution of the larger versions along the trail from north to south.

That is

1. Log and axe (relief)

2. Bad water (hobo symbol)

3. Railroad (hobo symbol)

4. Good water (hobo symbol)

5. Beaver tracks

Sample rock (Scanlon park and ride)

The rock was donated by Richard Vukonich.