Dead Zero: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel (2010) by Stephen Hunter

I recently read Dead Zero: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel (2010) by Stephen Hunter and noticed a very odd spelling of a word (see bold below).

It seemed to me that the SIG was being used like King Arthur’s sword, but that weapon is known as “Excalibur”.

I didn’t know if “Excaliber” with the final “e” was a mistake, some sort of firearms-related trade name (as in Krispy Kreme for Crispy Cream), or uncharacteristic wordplay.

In the world of firearms, caliber is the internal diameter of the barrel or the external diameter of the projectile. The Bob Lee Swagger books are full of information related to firearms, but this doesn’t seem to be the case here.

If this is a misspelling, it would be interesting that it occurred in this book. Maybe it was the victim of some sort of universal spellchecker change. If anyone has information that “Excaliber” is correct, please let me know.

page 269, third paragraph from the bottom;

“There was a frozen moment. Bogier and Crackers, guns loose and fluid in their hands, faces sweaty and bug eyed with concentration, moved stealthily through the fleet of parked, shot-to-s**t cars, spurting ahead now and then to unzip a blind spot, while from the other side of the wall, with his SIG like the mighty Excaliber, Z too hunted but also covered them.”