Creature Path tee marker

Readers of Garage Logic: A Companion Guide to Life in the Radio Town (2010) by Joe Soucheray and illustrations by Greg Holcomb may remember several references to the Creature, sort of the Garage Logic version of Bigfoot. Also, the Creature is depicted in some illustrations including the Creature crossing sign on the cover of the book.

Creature Path is the local golf course where the Creature is sometimes seen. The Creature damaged the tee markers at the tenth hole, so we can assume that those tee markers were made of wood and not stone.

This tee marker features the Creature on the upper left and the golf course name on the lower right of a polished slab of garnet gneiss that was rescued from a dumpster. The slab is about 34 inches wide by 25 inches high by 1.25 inches thick.

Creature Path tee marker

4 thoughts on “Creature Path tee marker

  1. I like the creature drawing. It reminds me of the Flintstones cartoon. Golf courses need a little humor as some people take the game too seriously.

    • Thanks for your interest in the tee marker. Greg Holcomb created the Creature drawings for the book. I like that sometimes the Creature looks menacing and other times, not so much.

      Before I started designing the project, I thought tee markers were just red, blue, or white balls on spikes. An internet search showed that tee markers can be very elaborate, especially at higher end places such as Creature Path.

      Work started on this project with the intention of donating it to a muscular dystrophy fundraiser in June 2011. Unfortunately, that event was cancelled so the design was altered and the piece will be auctioned at a muscular dystrophy fundraiser on January 21, 2012, in St. Paul.

  2. Bryan,
    Your Mom and I really like your creation! We heard that it was a grreat success. Next we are going to look at Wanda’s good buys from the Lake Wilson Clothing Center, Sometimes there are treasures, your Mom and I find some really good things!

    • Thanks for your interest. I was told that Creature Path rock helped the Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation raise $500 for muscular dystrophy causes.

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